Various Shades

This is the blog of P. Venkatraman..there it cannot be simpler than that.

I intend to cover posts on different aspects of my life in one place….I have been writing a lot and most of my writings have got spread all over the place. I have often been told that I should write a book, based on what I have written elsewhere.

This blog is an attempt to centralise all my various writings. I hope to get all my stuff in one place first.

My various interests in life include

My own career – Starting from qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, my years in traditional practice, then as a Merchant Banker and finally as a serial start up entreprenuer where I divested my stake in two companies to US and UK buyers.

My several hobbies such as FreeMasonry, Ham Radio, Endurance running and fitness. Also a being a Vegan.

My efforts to mentor start ups  and my own writings are in a blog of their own at

My web links

This blog
My Mentoring blog
My Google Plus profile
My Twitter handle
My Facebook Profile


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