Vipassana Vignette – 1/?

I am back after doing my 10 day Vipassana trip and I am so excited that I thought I will bore you all with it. So this is going to be a series.
I left on Tuesday the 29th after an early lunch and drove Willy’s ( ex- Allan’s ) Maruti. The ride was smooth but for the radiator overheating and boiling over at Kasara Ghats. I reached the Vipassana International Academy ( VIA ) by 3 pm well ahead of the 4 pm arrival time.
The form was filled in, and I was interviewed if I had any habits that might break my vows, I was shorn of my amulet, allotted a room, given my laundry tags, purchased a lock and was well on my way to my allotted room.
The process was well streamlined and efficient. Well managed.
My room was an independent bungalow along a shaded walkway.
I am attaching a photo taken with my phone camera to give you an idea of the setting.
Venkat / Kanna

Would love to hear what you have to add. Thanks

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