Vipassana Vignette – 3/?

I sent off the earlier post in a rather hasty manner and forgot to add the following to the feature list of the Igatpuri campus.
– All rooms and meditation halls have insect screens on windows / doors to let you be in peace.
– Safe custody of your valuables for the entire duration of your stay.
– Laundry facilities available. Only Rs 4/- ( less than a dime ) per article.
– Pay ONLY if fully satisfied. That too whatever your circumstances in life may fairly warrant.
– Thousands and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.
– Pleasant climate. Situated on top of Kasara Ghats at good elevation above sea level.
– Located amidst idyllic pastoral settings.
– Easily reached by regular through trains from Mumbai. Or suburban locals upto Kasara and then an autorickshaw. Or simply why not hop into your car and arrive after a pleasant 3 hour drive from Mumbai.
Come once and you will want to keep coming again and again.
No Doubt many of our customers like to call us Vapus-anna ( come again ) Intl Academy.
Venkat / Kanna

Would love to hear what you have to add. Thanks

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