Vipassana Vignette – 5/?

All during the stay there you are expected to observe the 5 percepts.
They are
1. You will not kill
2. You will not steal
3. You will be truthful
4. You will not indulge in sexual misconduct
5. You will not consume intoxicants.
They are quite simple and almost all religions preach the same.
Along with that you are expect to also observe ‘Noble Silence”
What this means is that from the first day evening till the last day morning, you will not speak to anyone.
But Noble Silence is not just about not speaking. It also includes no gestures, sign language, facial expressions or hand written notes.
All paper and pens are also required to be surrendered so that you do not take notes. Besides this no TV, cell phones or Radio newspapers etc. Not reading materials either.
This is probably the best part of the whole course. It is meant to calm down your mind and keep you focused on your meditation. For someone like me who has 10 unanswered emails, a few voice mails, one phone call and one personal visitor waiting at most times of the work day, this was the best way to get away from it all.
The meals are also spartan, Breakfast and lunch and OK and vegetarian and all you can eat. But for evening, between 4 and 5 it is Puffed rice ( Kurmura ), bananas and tea / milk. No dinner. Boy…I loved it. I lost 2 kgs ( 4 pounds ) in 10 days.
Do I look smart now 🙂
Venkat / Kanna


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