Vipassana Vignette – 6/?

The 10 day course is really boot camp for mediation and personal discipline.
Breakfast consists of
1. One Indian item such as Poha, Upma, Idli etc
2. Wheat Porridge without sugar
3. Wheat bread
4. Fruit
5. Tea / Milk with / without sugar/ turmeric powder
Lunch consists of
1. Dal Palak
2. One dry subji
3. One subji with gravy
4. Boiled slighted salted vegetables in stock
5. Chappatis
6. Rice
7. Curd / Raita / Butter milk
Tea break consists of
1. Roasted Kurmura
2. Fruits
3. Tea / Milk with / without sugar / Turmeric Powder
( Repeat students get only Jaggery Water or Lemon Water during tea break )
All meals are served in clean and hygienic facilities and are wholesome.
Available on the tap at all hours are cold drinking water / hot water / hot water with ginger for wash down your meals.
I particularly took a fancy to drinking hot water with ginger after all meals.
Venkat / Kanna


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