Vipassana Vignette – 8/?

Now for a change of pace…
He was standing there with the best branded track pants and sports T Shirt. The sandals were again of the acupressure variety. Fully prepared with the best gear that money could buy. Middle aged, slightly balding, touch of grey, VP of MNC and an IIM (A). With a name like Anoup Agarwal. As he was savoring the jaggery water, he was wondering if in the afterlife this could cut it with clients at the best watering holes in town on corporate expense accounts.
Chandrakant Desai, Cloth Dealer was there with his Charagh Din designed white Salwar Kameez along with his Christian Dior no Chasmo. He was happy to be here. On day 3 he was already experiencing bliss. Away from the nagging of his wife, Kantaben from Kandivili who was always correcting his eating habits at home, while Celina from Kalina was at the office telling him what she thought of his spelling habits. He was wondering if the hot Adrak water could be a good substitute for the numerous cups of tea that he was having at his shop.
Prakashrao Kadam was an employee of the H West ward water department of the BMC.  The Rao bit was a later day addition when he started rising up the hierarchy in the local Buddha Mandir.  He had donned the new Pandra Pyjama / Kurta which was newly bought from Nagrik stores, Old Bail Bazaar. Under the semi transparent top one could clearly see that he was wearing a sleeveless banyan in yellow background with red letters which read, ‘Navin Gopal Bal Mandal, Chinchpokli’. His childhood friends knew him as Pakya. However at the Sai Krupa Country Bar he was know more popularly by his initials as ‘Peekay’ in deference to his consumption habits. As hot milk with turmeric slaked down his throat, he was wondering if this could be a good substitute for his evening drink.
Venkat  / Kanna


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