Vipassana Vignette – 9/?

From the feedback that I have been getting, folks are greatly concerned about how to maintain ‘Noble Silence’. Which to remind you means no talking, gestures, eye contact, sign language or written communication during the entire 10 day period. No phones, TV, newspapers or any other such inputs either.
At first it may look difficult and daunting. But let me tell you that this was probably the best part of the 10 days there.
The purpose of maintaining Noble Silence is that all mental chatter must cease and that there should be no fresh inputs to create mental noise.
In my own case, I found that for the first 3-4 days it was quite difficult to maintain mindfulness of the ones breath. The mind always wandered away with an agenda of its own. But in due course of time, by the 4th day, the mind started calming down.
It had more or less finished with the agenda, a couple of times over, including ‘any other items’, of course, with the permission of the chair 🙂
For someone who has a few voicemails, snail mails, emails and personal visitors always seeking attention, this was pure bliss.
I maintained it in letter and spirit, for my own good. But quite a few others were more cavalier in their approach. One couldn’t help but notice this. More on this in latter emails.
Venkat / Kanna


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