Fw: Vipassana Vignette – 11/?

In my last email I had ended with
>I am sure it must have been a silent fish over there 🙂
I am sorry for the typo and it should read as
“I am sure it must have been a silent fishmarket over there 🙂
In the evening there was period of time from 7.30 to about 8.30 pm when there was a audio visual talk by S. N Goenka.
The talks were available in both English and Hindi and everyone had a choice of whichever language he chose to hear it in.
I chose English since that is the language I am most comfortable in.
Part instructions, part philosophy, part personal experience and part exhortation to lead a life on the straight path, they were packed powerfully.
The years of experience in conducting the courses came through clearly. While maintaining an element of mirth and frivolity, the talks did not dilute the strength of the message in any way.
I left a deep impression on almost all of the audience.
Each person had his own take away points.
On day 5 there was a portion of leading a life of virtue and earning money through righteous means. Examples were narrated of what constituted righteous. A method of living in which no harm was delivered to any one in the interaction. Anoup was absorbed in thought for quite some time on this issue even after the talk was over.
On day 7 there was a quite a bit about how sensuous indulgences leads one to go astray from meeting his obligations and duties to self / family and society. PeeKay as well as CD were both rapt in attention on this day and it stirred both of them in different ways.


Would love to hear what you have to add. Thanks

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