Diwali, Festival Lamps and Intolerance

Continuing with my theme of yesterday…

More than 2 decades back, when my mother was still alive, we had hired a new maid by name Shanti.

Within about one month of her joining our household, my mother took the traditional diyas ( kuthivallakus ) kept for poojas and put it to wash.

Shanti repelled. When my mother asked her what had happened she said that she would not touch them since they were articles of Hindu faith and she had recently converted to Christianity.

My mother looked at me with an expression that would in current times would be termed as a WTF expression.

When told that they could be looked as just metal articles, she explained that her Missionary had told her not to touch anything like this.

A Hindu observance was being ridiculed. As if Christians do not light lamps in their own altars.

I would like to understand where was the tolerance being shown here


Would love to hear what you have to add. Thanks

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