Sachin Tendulkar needless controversy

I think now that Sachin is past his days of glory he needs one controversy or the other to keep his celebrity quotient high.

Look at the BA controversy from the other side. And as someone who has run BPO operations I can easily see this happening.

First of all cricket is not a big game in the UK. Football is. The average UK BPO worker will not even know his own team players, leave alone Indian cricket players.

All this is assuming that the BA back office to attend to social media is in the UK. It would be a pie in our face if we discovered it was at Vikhroli with WNS.

So a random agent gets a twitter message on his stream from one Sachin. And asks for the full name so that the issue can be resolved. If it was from one Narendra or from one Sunil how was the agent to know that it was from THE Narendra Modi or from THE Sunil Gawaskar?

So the netizens taking affront to this again smacks of the VIP culture that we revel in. How can..and I repeat How can… someone ask Sachin to state his full name!!!

If I was the manager of the agent who asked the full name, I would stand by him and defend that what he did was as per the process.


Would love to hear what you have to add. Thanks

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