Swach Bharat Service Tax Surcharge

There is now a 0.5% Swach Bharat surcharge on Service Tax base of 14%.

Service tax was first introduced some 20 years back at a rate of 5%. It covered just 3 services and with 3943 assessees collected Rs 403 crores.

Over a period of time the list of services has kept on increasing and now there is a negative list regime. The number of assesees has increased to 1712617 and the collection is now Rs 132518 Crores.

It is quite debateable as to what is happening to all this money. How has our nation progressed? What infrastructure / projects have been created from all this collection that has come out of our hard work.

It is also debateable as to what will happen to the surcharge if the next PM takes minimising of traffic deaths as his personal agenda?

It is situations like this that has led to revolutions in the historical past. But today we have social media to vent our muted anger.

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