About Wishes, Greetings and Blessing – 2

About Wishes, Greetings and Blessing – 2

Continuing with the second part of this three part post. In the last post I had concluded that words when infused with energy can result in a changed outcome.

But let us trace these practices from their origins.

Before we had modern means of communications, persons would have wished, greeted, blessed each other in person. The intensity and the integrity of the person could be judged by the human interaction.

But we now have the following ‘progresses’ made.

– Telegraphic greetings
– Telephonic calls to greet, wish, bless
– Pre printed cards expressing sentiments
– Emails with digital greeting cards
– Cards from businesses to customers expressing festive sentiments
– WhatsApp, FB, Twitter and other social media expressions of sentiments.

We can quickly see how, what was once a noble and altruistic act has been also commercialised and to some extent made trashy.

So the following questions arise…

– Has it lost its original significance and got diluted?
– What is left of the emotional value, it if even airlines, credit card companies routinely mail you greeting cards?
– Does creating a group and mass mailing the WhatsApp message to the group count as sentiments nobly expressed?
– Is it now a social sham?
– Is it now like a old couple whose words of sentiment lack the original enthusiasm and energy?

I leave it to you to ponder over the answers. In my next post, I will conclude about how I try to maintain some of its original intent.

Thanks to all who commented on the first part


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